People, Places and Things That Inspire these are a few of my favorite things...

People, Places and Things I Love

The Disorganized Parent: Yes, this is my sister-in-law’s blog.  But nepotsim aside, it is absolutely wonderful and a go-to for anyone who wants advice of practical, purposeful playtime with their kids.  She is a voice for the disorganized parent, who isn’t quite sure where to look when it comes to making the most out of every moment. 

Scary Mommy: Because we’ve all thought every single thing you will find on there and it’s VERY nice to not feel alone.

Greatist: if you haven’t seen their instagram account yet, check it out now.  “Voices of a health-ish generation.”  Yes, please.  Let’s hear them. Greatist on INSTA right here

TED Talks: I need 18 minutes of inspiration, passion, intention and action oriented thinking every single day.  So I go here and I fill my creative cup.

Sadie Nardini: This woman is a rockstar, on the yoga mat and off.  If you want a little empowerment with your side angle pose, see her immediately.  Plus she has the coolest name in the world. 

MindBodyGreen: Their name says it all.  A site dedicated to opening your mind, fueling and caring for your body and making this world a greener place.  This is also the first site to publish my work {back in 2012} so I am forever grateful.  We all need that one person or place to say “yes, you can.”  MBG said that to me.

Jenkinsons, Point Pleasant Beach: As much as I might try to be worldly, Point Pleasant Beach will always be my favorite place.  And yes, I studied abroad in Australia.