People, Places and Things That Inspire these are a few of my favorite things...

The NJ Yoga Collective: The only all inclusive resource for yoga in the Garden State. You can find teachers, studios, classes, events, workshops and opportunities to serve your community through the NJ Yoga Collective, plus be totally and completely inspired by a collective of local experts on everything from asana to vegan cheeses. Welcome hOMe, NJ yogis!

Scary Mommy: Because we’ve all thought every single thing you will find on there and it’s VERY nice to not feel alone.

Greatist: if you haven’t seen their instagram account yet, check it out now.  “Voices of a health-ish generation.”  Yes, please.  Let’s hear them.

TED Talks: I need 18 minutes of inspiration, passion, intention and action oriented thinking every single day.  So I go here and I fill my creative cup.

Sadie Nardini: This woman is a rockstar, on the yoga mat and off.  If you want a little empowerment with your side angle pose, see her immediately.  Plus she has the coolest name in the world. 

MindBodyGreen: Their name says it all.  A site dedicated to opening your mind, fueling and caring for your body and making this world a greener place.  This is also the first site to publish my work {back in 2012} so I am forever grateful.  We all need that one person or place to say “yes, you can.”  MBG said that to me.

Jenkinsons, Point Pleasant Beach: As much as I might try to be worldly, Point Pleasant Beach will always be my favorite place.  And yes, I studied abroad in Australia.