Oh Hey, New Friend Let's Get Acquainted

When Bridget tells you “yes, you can,” she believes it.

Not just because she thinks you are awesome {{you are}} but because she never quits, even in the face of awesomely huge failures.  She’s built her lifestyle, teachings, business and family on love, coffee and a deep commitment to turning scars into stars {{and wearing those stars as her everyday #ootd}}.

Bridget’s life currently revolves around raising her kids, teaching, reading, writing, listening and learning, sharing her passions, choosing faith over fear, practicing yoga and sweating once a day as efficiently and effectively as she can.

Bridget is the NJ Yoga Collective’s Co-Founder and Director of Partnerships, a mom, a yoga teacher, a former lawyer, a writer, a moderately decent cook, a really good baker, a seeker of fantastic coffee and a firm believer in the power of positive thinking.

She was born and raised in New Jersey and cannot imagine calling anywhere else “home.” She loves the entire NJ yoga community with lioness-like ferocity and cannot wait to show the world just what NJ yogis are up to – because it is crazy amazing stuff.

Bridget works with people looking to live this life as their best life ever.  She isn’t a therapist or a fashion stylist {{unless of course your goal is to only wear leggings}} but she is a motivational, supportive, dynamic, creative and compassionate guide who will work with you to dig up YOUR vision, passions and goals and more importantly, anything that has been holding you back.

Bridget believes in creating a well balanced life, sweating everyday, staying positive, building confidence, eating real food, practicing self care and taking action.  Bridget understands that not everyday is perfect but she believes that YOU are worthy of a life filled with love, kindness, happiness and health, whether you know it {{yet}} or not.

Bridget has thousands of hours of yoga teaching and training experience and is recognized as an expert in sequencing and manifestation.  She was named Best Yoga Teacher in Monmouth County in 2016 and is a Brand Ambassador for Lululemon.  She has an undergraduate degree in Creative Writing and her juris doctorate {{JD}}.

Bridget brings her life, energy and experience to everyone she meets. She wakes up ready to make everyday supremely more fun than the status quo. She currently lives and works in Monmouth County, NJ with her husband and kids – who support her spontaneity with a smile.